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To share a paragraph or two that shares our "Company Overview" is both humbling and thrilling. It is a heartfelt creation born of a genuine dream to make a difference.

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An overview of everything GIA Wellness. Learn how GIA is allowing so many to live in a state of perpetual Growth Inspiration and Abundance.
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Conceptualizing the name GIA Wellness and bringing it to the world literally moved us to the core. It encompasses our authentic desire to create a perpetual legacy... to start something eternally significant which builds well beyond our lifetime. The three letters - GIA - stand for Growth, Inspiration, and Abundance. Each area is weighted equally and represents our purpose - to enrich the overall quality of someone's life.

We accomplish this through transformational, revolutionary wellness products which facilitate optimal health - personal development, leadership, and team training that truly inspires - and a dynamic Compensation Plan which enables people to develop significant incomes from home. Although the legacy begins with our independent Consultants, it ultimately reaches young adults through the Roots and Wings Program, also known as the "RAW Movement," which is the heartbeat of GIA. This non-profit program is focused on empowering young adults to enhance their self esteem and offers guiding principles that directly impacts the quality of their life, by improving their relationships with themselves and others.

The idea of perpetual expansion comes from the concept that as one generation lives "Inspired Wellness," they are both examples and influencers of others inspired to do the same. GIA enables people to live their "best" life, and in so doing we become even "better and healthier" parents, friends, spouses, children and teammates. As a result, through physical, emotional, and financial balance, we are able to give more of ourselves to our families and humanity. We raise children with more patience and love, giving them higher self-esteem and helping them to make better decisions. They then carry it into their future as they raise their children with "Inspired Wellness." It is perpetual... Our hope is that we may never know the true extent of our gift to the world because it will affect one generation after the next.

No sentence more clearly and succinctly defines GIA Wellness than our vision: To create a legacy of Perpetual Growth, Inspiration and Abundance.

GIA Wellness is an industry leader in the areas of wellness products, hydration, nutrition, beauty and energy. Because we supply excellent products and it's our belief that living well is more than just feeling good, we also offer a competitive home-based business opportunity as a direct distributor of GIA Wellness Products.