Breakthrough Conference Calls

Every week, live conference calls are held with participants across North America who are inspired to lead their best life. These calls are often described by participants as "the highlight of [their] week," as they connect with people who are seeking to learn, grow and often share the information with their family and teams.

GIA Wellness President Lynda Cormier started the Weekly Breakthrough Calls as a result of her desire to be congruent and consistent with the commitment to personal growth. The wisdom, insight and passion that is shared often encourages people in their business, parenting, and overall enthusiasm for life.

Breakthrough Conference Calls Provide:

  • Powerful information which applies to both personal and business expansion
  • Mentoring and Coaching to help bring out the best of teams and individuals alike
  • Insights and contributions from field leadership

"I look forward to these weekly calls each week. Somehow, Lynda selects a topic that is absolutely pertinent to our lives. There have been times where I have listened to the live call, and then called in several times to hear the recorded version. There are people on my team, who have their children and entire family tuning in to hear the call. I know of no other company that has this type of authentic commitment to each and every single one of us."

J.W., Dana Point, CA

"My daughter who teaches struggling students, mentioned to me that Lynda's calls help her inspire her students to succeed. My daughter starts the day by asking her students what they have to be thankful for, and she has seen a real shift in their attitude."

Z.B., New York, NY